[DE-03]Happy Earth Day 2015 – Mia Doi Todd & Turn On The Sunlight


Our latest release is a beautiful new single from Mia Doi Todd & Turn On The Sunlight to celebrate Earth Day!
Available as a free download.


MDT + TOTS / Mia Doi Todd & Turn On The Sunlight

“Happy Earth Day 2015”

A. Mother Nature
B. Earthrise

Mia Doi Todd – voice
Gabe Noel – bass
Paul Livingstone – sitar
Jesse Peterson – guitar, ukulele, production
Alberto López & Andres Renteria – percussion

Songs by Mia Doi Todd & Jesse Peterson
Recorded in Kauai & Los Angeles

“Mother Nature, help us to remember how to live together in harmony with you”

Released 22 April 2015


Turn On The SunlightはDisques Cordeより2枚のアルバムとリミックスアルバムをリリースしている。